Friends With Holograms provides education, creative strategy, and technical expertise in virtual reality for brands, agencies, and entertainment companies. A full-service agency, we explain everything from the in’s and out’s of the medium to the latest tech developments, all while connecting our clients with the right partners to achieve their creative visions and deliver great content.

We know frontier technologies like VR can be confusing and overwhelming — that’s why we created the VR101 workshop. In the space of an hour, attendees learn about the fundamentals of virtual reality, different types of VR content, the future of the industry, and best practices for storytelling. We’ll also explain the costs associated with creating VR, and what a typical timeline looks like. We demo both 360 and room-scale content and wrap up by walking through a sample pitch to demonstrate how the creative scope might come together. This should give agency folks the tools they need to bring us in to sell their clients on VR projects.

For the more advanced learner, we offer VR201: The Fundamentals of Storytelling. In this session, we’ll cover topics like 3dof vs 6dof, creating immersive activation experiences, narrative do’s and don’ts for VR, and why you should never make a virtual rollercoaster or boat ride. We end the session by working on a sample script for a short branded piece. To supplement this curriculum, Friends With Holograms is producing a podcast and book featuring conversations with acclaimed VR directors.

We also offer VR301, a deep dive into the most cutting edge VR technology. We’ll answer questions like: “Can you change a story based on where you look? Can you have a conversation with someone in VR? Can users share the experiences inside the headsets on their social profiles? Yes, yes, and yes — and this workshop explains the how’s and why’s. We’ll explain the most cutting edge new technology and explore what’s on the horizon and how your clients or brand can be the first to market. This class will be co-taught by our CTO, accomplished creative technologist Jenya Lugina.

Post-seminar, we’ll help with everything from the creative to sourcing and managing the best teams for your VR project to helping connect distribution partners to make sure your content gets noticed.

Friends With Holograms was founded by Cortney Harding. The name of the agency is based on a comment she has made on several panels and in the New York Times, stating that one day technology will advance to the point that we’ll have relationships with holograms. Virtual reality is a key first step to this, along with artificial intelligence and natural language processing.  

Previously in business development at Moth+Flame VR, Harding has also established herself as thought-leader in the VR space, writing for several outlets and speaking at events like VRLA and VRDC. Prior to working in VR, Harding worked at entertainment-tech startups and was the music editor at Billboard magazine.  She is also an adjunct professor at New York University and the author of “How We Listen Now: Essays and Conversations About Music and Technology” and “How We’ll Listen Next: The Future of Music From Streaming to Virtual Reality.”

Cortney Harding